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Pleasure on ur mind
U are the machine
U are what u want
U are beautiful!
so please...
just do what u wanted!

Happy Ied, Everyone
Please Forgive me All mistakes i've done for youuuuu

Check Out This Suppah Duppa Talented Artist
-Adhikka Putra Sagala-

:heart: :peace:
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Finally...i'm graduated from my university!!!!
hi 5 for all my friends who made his/her great achievement :D
i'm proud of u all
Happy a new beginning for us
and wants to make some arts yay!!!
happy summer,everyone!
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heeii everyone...
is there anyone who's addictd in black or white or maybe both?
i dont know... when n why i addictd with it
i think...
black is cool and white is soo flawless,,
strip in black and white are the great mix!!!

now ....everything is black and white in my head!! :)
and this cause impact to my illustration also ( i've already made 3 illustrations in BW and cant wait to submitd on DA, just because my scanner at the dorm and im at home,so i have to be patient till monday to scan my illustrations _ yippy,,and ready for submit to some ilustration magazines

so,,,start from now...
i just make some artweks and submit in black and white colours
just wait and see...


My Friend from Argentina :iconvalevioleta: Featured my artworks in her Journal
thankiees :boogie:

here's ----->…

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Its been long time i didnt submit any deviations here....

but i promise i'll make some artworks


me and my friend have a Photography Project + CAmpaign


in our faculty

wish our  luck!!
falin'  in love is nightmare

love is hell

now at  last i know
huu,,,what a wonderful day!!
finally i got the holga,,,:D
it's all because my dear friend -Satria-
i bought that red holga wif special price from his own store- HEY FOLKS!
please visit his comfortable store, u can find old good cds+cassettes+vinyl's from indie-major label
!! "thx Sat!"
so i decided to give my holga name wif his name/ tribute to him,,hhehe
and the holga was called "Satria Baja Merah" taken from serial tv from JAPAN "ksatria baja hitam"
dont forget to check out the superb Gallery of Satria

:peace: + :love:
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Deeper everyday,
O I'm in love I'm in love
And I've longed for today
I've been around I've been down
And I found on my way
Reborn everyday
And there's nothing to say.
O I'm in love I'm in love
How I longed for today
I've been told I've cold
But I've come here to stay
Different everyday
From now on I'll be okay
I know I know you think it's going way too fast
You know I've found what I was looking for at last
I can feel it this time
And it's something that I can't fake

and lets Play Pals!!!!! :D
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List 10 things about your arts,

1. my art is... my dreams
2. my art is... my ice cream land,,yipppy
3. my art is... my diary, wonderful day, blue day, whatever!
4. my art is... my treasures pleasures
5. my art is... my critics about life
6. my art is... my light
7. my art is... my songs
8. my art is... my daily activity
9. my art is... my hobby
10. my art mine!!

hello ...!
thx for visiting my gallery
:peace: + :heart:
Selamat menuaikan ibadah puasa for all moeslims around the world..
maaf lahir batin yaa
i just wanna hold your hand,,again and againn,,
thx for today,,finally i met you :D
dapet avatar baruu :icon24happyhours: diambil dr gambarku..
dari my dearest sistaahh... :iconbloodykirka:

thx dear..
:We are the YeLLow JAckets:

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++ meskipun bukan mahasiswa atau mahasiswi yg backgroudnya sseni rupaa tetapi artwerksnya tidak kalah Mantabs!!... :thumbsup:


:peace: and :heart:

(maaf klo ada yg tak tercantum!)
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Kolabo yang sudah lama direncanain,,

akhirnyaa besok..bersama :iconbloodykirka:
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hari penuh leha leho....

UAS telah berakhir!yippy
doakan saja ip saya naik...klo ga tetep juga sudah cukup bersyukur...

ayooo,,yang dulu pernah janjian sama saya buat futu2, makan2, menggila,, anykind of hapiness... MARII!!!! :D
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JUJUUUUURR yaaa.....

mukaa gw emang pasaran bgt yaa???

apa mirip temen lo,pacar lo,mantan lo, apa gbetan l;o??apa HTSn lo???

jawaaabb yaa teman2


:peace: + :heart:
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setelah sekian lama saya tidak menggambar dan memilih untuk berfoto2 riaa,,,,akhirnya 2 deviations terisi dgn gmbr!! yess :boogie:

mungkin yg berikutnya ataupuns seterusnya akan begituu,,
mm,,karena SAYA LAGI SENNANG!!
klo lg sedih g bisa gmbr g mood,,bisa sihh tp jdnya yg darkly gitu ky "dont go away"

yeeaaahhh...GANBATE for all :heart: :peace:
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:love: :thumbsup:
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